The BWC Difference

1. We are results-oriented, charging only a percentage of the revenues generated by our strategies. We do not charge unless we generate a profit for our clients.

2. We don't write long reports out of respect for our client's time. Instead, we deliver concise 1-3 page reports listing profit-generating actions.

3. We use interdisciplinary teams on each project, resulting in much more innovative strategies.

4. We are a profit-sharing company. Our consultants receive a stake in their projects.

5. We hire consultants for their innovation, integrity, and entrepreneurial drive.

6. We believe in work-life balance and healthy lifestyles, resulting in higher productivity.

7. Consultants are encouraged to work only on projects they are passionate about.

8. We tell it how it is. You can trust us to be honest, open, and direct with you.

9. We have the industry's highest client satisfaction rate and client renewal rate.


Brighter World Consulting LLC (BWC) specializes in helping businesses and organizations:

  • Increase revenues
  • Seize new opportunities
  • Plan for long term growth
  • Form win-win strategic partnerships
  • Develop innovative products and upgrades
  • Incubate and test new ideas
  • Utilize new media marketing methods
  • Develop cutting-edge systems innovation
  • Capitalize on Web 2.0 and other business trends
  • Understand your customers through proprietary ConsumerZoom™ technology


How we do it

In spite of technical advancements made in the last two decades, revolutionizing everything from manufacturing to management, most businesses still utilize strategies developed in the Industrial Age. Our consultants apply underutilized breakthroughs to boost sales, improve process, and maximize ROI (Return on Investment) by leveraging information age strategies.

The economy is experiencing a historical shift further into the Information Age, creating crucial changes in fields such as advertising, entertainment, genomics, and manufacturing. Companies that do not adjust to these changes will quickly become obsolete. Capitalizing on these changes is central to how BWC boosts revenues.


Why we do it

Our clients are either directly contributing to helping humanity through their products and services, or they donate a percentage of their increased revenues to worthy organizations. Social responsibility is our cornerstone.

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